The BGU Murnau as an employer

Expertise is the best medicine

The BG Trauma Clinic Murnau is one of the largest trans-regional, maximum-care trauma centers in southern Germany. It cares for and supports patients from primary care at the accident location through to successful social and professional reintegration. In accordance with the principle of statutory accident insurance "by all appropriate means", here patients find holistic medical care at the highest level.

More flexibility for satisfied employees

Of course, there can be high quality medicine without highly qualified employees who practice their profession with great dedication and in-depth knowledge, and who also find the balance between work and private lives. As an employer, the BGU Murnau ensures that employees are always up to date and can constantly refresh and optimize their professional skills through further education and training. However, only a balanced relationship between work and family life provides long-term, satisfied and happy employees. Therefore, the BGU Murnau offers flexible working hours and childcare services, which come with the unusual working hours of a clinic.

The region - workplace with a holiday feeling

"The Blue Land" is the name given to the region around the Staffelsee in the Upper Bavarian foothills of the Alps, because of its lakes. Working where others have their holidays has many advantages: Living close to nature, the Alpine peaks always in view, not far from rolling hills, beautiful valleys and splendid lakes. In summer and winter, many recreational opportunities and the excellent tourist infrastructure of the region attract many visitors.

But the area around the Staffelsee is not only a paradise for travelers. It is also the ideal location for a work-life balance - from shopping to schools, from transport links to the club environment.

For those who are drawn to the big city, Munich is just an hour's drive away. Also nearby are the cities of Innsbruck, Kempten or Garmisch-Partenkirchen - and Italy and Austria are only a stone's throw away.