Trauma Surgery and Sports Orthopaedics at the Garmisch-Partenkirchen Clinic

The center for trauma surgery and sports orthopaedics at the Garmisch‐Partenkirchen clinic has been operated by the BG Klinikum Murnau (Workmen’s Compensation Trauma Clinic Murnau, Germany) since July 01, 2007.

The departments for trauma surgery and sports orthopaedics ensure the conservative and surgical treatment of injuries as well as the treatment of subsequent damage and arthrocentesis.

Main areas

  • Surgery on joint system, acute treatment and rehabilitation of functional losses subsequent to injury and wear
  • Treatment of fractures occurred in childhood and adolescence
  • Holistic therapy of fractures with senior patients
  • Hand Surgery 
  • Foot surgery,
  • Alpine and high altitude medicine

Traditionally special emphasis is put on the treatment of injured athletes with their extremely high functional demands and very individual requirements. In this context we have numerous cooperations with local sports clubs and associations. Furthermore, the Garmisch-Partenkirchen team of trauma surgeons and sport orthopaedics actively supported the organisation of the skiing world championship in 2011.

Patients benefit from modern surgery methods based on the availability of modern extensive technical equipment. We provide intramedullary supports, fixed angle implants, miniature surgical implants for hands and intraoperative x-ray and navigation techniques up to different methods of minimal invasive surgery of joints.

The center for trauma surgery and sports orthopaedics at the Garmisch‐Partenkirchen clinic performs a large number of complex minimal invasive, mainly arthroscopic reconstructions of knee and shoulder joints. Close cooperation with the university and scientific medical associations ensure up to date medical know-how. Our idea of early functional rehabilitation is realized by a modern physiotherapy department including a mobility bath with lowerable base.

In addition, the center for trauma surgery and sports orthopaedics is the head of the interdisciplinary emergency ambulance. High quality emergency patient care for trauma patients at specialist level is ensured for 24 hours a day with 5 treatment units, a shock room with modern equipment, ultrasonic, x-ray and cross sectional diagnosis. Patients suffering from polytraumas, spinal cord injuries or severe craniocerebral trauma are treated in close cooperation with the BG Klinikum Murnau which guarantees - if necessary – a transfer of such patients to the corresponding specialized department at any time.

The department for trauma surgery and sports orthopaedics at the Garmisch‐Partenkirchen clinic is also specialized in hand surgery. Hand injuries, treatment of degenerative diseases and reconstructive operations in the area of the hand are performed at top level.

Complex injuries of the hand or replantations are treated in cooperation with the highly specialized department for plastic and reconstructive hand micro surgery at the BG Klinikum Murnau. Besides being active surgeons, our physicians also work in the fields of rescue and mountain rescue.

  Leitender Arzt Unfallchirurgie Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Dr. Andreas Thannheimer

  08821 / 77-1220