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Well-organized, competitive patient care services that are orientated to the management of objectives set by the clinic are today a major component of a successful clinic operation.

In the future, the clinic operation will be more and more confronted with modified basic conditions in the health service. In patient care services, efficient and economic management, effective quality management,  skilled patient care and social competence all play an important role. Patient care services will be facing new tasks.

The requirement profiles will be changing. The demand for experts will increase; experts who coordinate their fields of tasks to a large extent on their own, who plan, document and are completely responsible for their own performance. This situation requires foresight and innovative actions by the persons responsible.

This also includes, amongst other things, a secure, transparent management of human resources with successful recruitment of employees, as well as qualified education, further education, and training of employees, which overall ensures the high degree of specialized qualification of the nursing staff of our clinic. The way we care for and treat our employees is characterized by a cooperative management style.

This leadership culture supports and strengthens the satisfaction, motivation and performance of our employees as well as their identification with the trauma clinic; it also secures a qualified expert patient care of the people entrusted to us.

We assign a number one priority to the security and high satisfaction of the patients entrusted to us.

Our patient care program expresses the common values and objectives of the nursing staff at the Workmen’s Compensation Trauma Clinic Murnau, Germany. It is intended to support further developments of our occupational actions, as well as to provide space for visions and point out paths for the future.

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