Acute care

Acute care

In the acute care areas of the BG Clinic Murnau, the nursing service is involved in a very wide range of situations. Nursing staff are present throughout the whole therapy chain of emergency medicine, starting with the air ambulance at the accident site, transport to hospital and continuing care in the emergency room, anesthesia, interdisciplinary intensive care units, the pressure chamber center and Centre for Internal Medicine. Traumatology, neurological, internal and septic emergency patients as well as fire and diving accidents are also treated.

  • ICU
  • CIM
  • Anaesthesia
  • Emergency room
  • Air rescue
  • Pressure chamber centre
  • Bobath concept
  • Basal stimulation
  • Neutral positioning
  • Delerium management
  • Pain management
  • Family integration
  • personnel development concept "Perspectives"


Peter Schersach

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Marlies Simson

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