Pain Medicine

So that your pain comes to an end

It is estimated that about 10% of all people experience a severe pain disorder at some time in their lives. Here, the pain has often lost its original function and it has become quasi partially independent. The causes and mechanisms are still being researched.

In order for this ordeal may come to an end, the pain experts at the BGU Murnau carry out of a detailed analysis of your medical history. In this way the causes and the nature of pain in individual patients can be analyzed as closely as possible.


The doctors subsequently work out a coordinated therapy and treatment plan, together with the patient, and implement this on the premises, organised by and in cooperation with other departments where appropriate .

The outpatient pain clinic is open to all patients with accident or private insurance.

  Leading Head Physician

Dr. Thomas Wilhelm

Secretariat :
Claudia Sperer, Sabine Wörner

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