Range of Services

The following medical conditions are treated at the outpatient pain clinic of the BGU Murnau:


  • chronic pain with no apparent cause
  • pain disorder as a cause of a delayed healing process
  • existence of a pain disorder or a complex pain syndrome
  • Longstanding painful course of disease
  • Impact of pain on the social or psychological areas of life



Treatment methods

 Medical Services
  • pain drug therapy
  • complementary medicine methods in pain medicine (eg. acupuncture)
  • Interventional Pain Management: Local anesthesia for ensuring correct pain diagnosis, sympathetic blocks - diagnostically or therapeutically (eg Stellate blocks), ultrasonically assisted facet joint infiltration in the spinal region and infiltrations of iliosacral joints, implantation of pain pumps for epidural therapy, electrical spinal cord stimulation (SCS)
  • withdrawal treatment
  • multimodal therapy Programs
         Psychological treatment

        • behavioral therapy and information about chronic pain

          • learning relaxation techniques (eg, progressive muscle relaxation, autogenic training)
          • social skills training
          • biofeedback
          • coping with life crises related to chronic pain and stress management training
          • hypnotherapy

         Further services

        • Welfare and pension consultancy

          • Prescription of physiotherapy and occupational therapy measures

          Leading Head Physician

        Dr. Thomas Wilhelm

        Secretariat :
        Claudia Sperer, Sabine Wörner

          +49 8841 48-2465   +49 8841 48-2353 schmerzmedizin@bgu-murnau.de   V-Card Dr. Thomas Wilhelm