Ambulant Operations

Short Admission with Very High Results

Hospitals are authorized to perform operations, according to § 115b of the fifth paragraph of the "Sozialgesetzbuch" (social law book). Here, the surgical procedures and areas in which hospitals are authorized are listed with regards to in-patient care. Each clinic therefore has its own performance brochure. As a rule, the patient is referred by a local physician (family doctor, specialist etc.). Direct contact with the health insurance card holder is however also possible. An outpatient operation is when the patient is not hospitalized either the night before or the night after surgery. Not all patients can use the outpatient clinic for surgical procedures. This is clearly defined by law as only medically healthy patients with a low surgical and anesthetic risk can be operated on.

Who can be operated on?

As a rule, only healthy patients or patients with general illnesses which can be treated successfully successfully can be operated on in the outpatient clinic. 

In the event of surgery, the responsible clinic physicians (surgeon or anesthetist) decide, after extensive examination, whether the surgery can be performed or not. In each case, the home care has to be guaranteed for at least for 24 hours after the operation.



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