The following surgical procedures are offered by the Primary Care Center in Murnau on an out-patient basis::

Hand surgery

  • carpal tunnel syndrome (constriction of the middle hand nerve)
  • annular ligament radius stenosis (flipping finger)
  • bone fractures of the hand
  • ligament injuries (ski thumb)
  • malformations in children
  • wrist joint examinations and arthroscopic operations of the wrist joint
  • sulcus ulnaris syndrome (SUS)
  • ganglion


  • foreskin narrowing (phimosis)
  • vasectomy (sterilization for men)
  • bladder speculum with operative procedure


  • speculum of all large joint with operative procedure on ligaments, meniscus and joint surfaces (knee joint, shoulder joint, elbow joint, ankle joint, wrist joint)

Emergency Accident Surgery

  • fractures of upper extremities (fracture of ulna, radius, head of the radius fracture etc.)
  • removal of metal on upper and lower extremities
  • soft tissue tumors (lipoma, abscess etc.)


  • operations on peripheral nerves
  • tight nerve passage syndrome
  • Kryotherapy