Reconstructive Endoprosthetics

Specialists in complex joint injuries

Revision arthroplasty has become increasingly important in recent years. This is due to the increasing numbers of artificial joints and the aging population. Exceeding the average hip and knee joints service life of 15-20 years can cause discomfort again from wear and loosening of the implants. The wear and loosening usually requires the partial or complete replacement of the prosthesis. In addition to loosening however, falls and fractures near the prosthesis also play an increasing role. Special implants enable a rapid and complete recovery of function.

The Department of Endoprosthetics at the BGU Murnau specializes in joint replacement of knee or hip joints. The main focus of the department is reconstruction and replacement operations after loosening or infection or original joint replacements or after complex joint injuries with bone loss. Here the close integration with the departments of septic and reconstructive surgery, plastic surgery and joint surgery is the basis of optimal treatment results.

  Leading Physician

Prof. Dr. Sven Hungerer

Secretariat :
Roswitha Grün

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