Medical Services

The range of services of joint surgery department at the BGU Murnau includes:

  • Care of acute injuries and illnesses of the large body joints
  • Restoration of joint function by joint preserving, most arthroscopic surgery or joint replacement / endoprostheses

Joint types and therapy methods

 Shoulder Joints

    • Arthroscopic surgery of the shoulder,: stabilization of the shoulder after shoulder dislocations, rotator cuff reconstruction as well as decompression surgery (subacromial decompression, shoulder joint resection)
    • Open surgery of the shoulder, rotator cuff reconstruction and corrective osteotomies to the upper arm
    • Reconstruction of the shoulder joint
    • Endoprosthetics of the shoulder joint: shoulder, cap prosthesis, complete endoprosthesis with omarthrosis, necrosis of the humeral head and incorrect healing of upper arm fracture
    • Inverse shoulder prosthesis for unsuccessful complete endoprosthesis, with arthrosis and defect damage of the rotator cuff

  • Conservative treatment of painful shoulder stiffness in cooperation with the rehabilitation and anesthesia departments
 Elbow Joint

    • Arthroscopic surgery of the elbow joint
    • Open surgery of the elbow joint e.g. Operative joint release for stiffness or corrective osteotomies to the distal upper arm or proximal forearm
    • Endoprosthetics of the elbow by replacing the radius head or complete elbow endoprosthesis due to arthrosis and stiffness

 Wrist Joint

    • Arthroscopic surgery of the wrist
    • Open surgery of the wrist
    • Osteotomy of the distal radius

 Hip Joint

    • Arthroscopic surgery of the hip joint, e.g. Joint member removal or bone removal at the femoral neck, the so-called. Impingement
    • Open surgery of the hip joint either joint lip refixation or bone removal at the femoral neck / Impingement

  • Endoprosthetics of the hip joint by primary complete endoprosthesis due to arthrosis or femoral head necrosis and secondary total endoprostheses for unsuccessful primary endoprothesis with endoprothesis loosening, after endoprosthesis expansion due to infection as well as pronounced bone defects at the thigh or pelvis
 Knee Joint
  • Arthroscopic surgery of the knee joint, e.g. reconstruction of the anterior and posterior cruciate ligament, meniscus surgery as well as cartilage replacement therapy (microfracture, OATS)
  • Open surgery of the knee joint for cartilage cell transplantation or corrective osteotomies to the proximal tibia or to the distal femur
  • Endoprosthetics of the knee: primary partial or complete endoprosthesis due to arthrosis and for secondary/ complete endoprosthesis for unsuccessful primary endoprosthesis with endoprothesis loosening, after endoprothes expansion due to infection or for pronounced bone defects at femur or lower leg
 Ankle Joint

    • Arthroscopic surgery of the ankle, e.g. decompression surgery for "Impingement", joint member removal, removal of chronically inflamed interior skin and arthroscopy of the lower ankle due to instability
    • Open surgery of the ankle for cartilage replacement therapy in osteonecrosis (OATS), fusion surgery due to arthrosis or failed endoprosthesis as well as corrective osteotomy to the distal lower leg
    • Endoprosthetics of the ankle by means of a primary endoprosthesis due to arthrosis