Intermediate Care (IMC)

After the Garmisch-Partenkirchen Clinic and the Murnau Trauma Clinic (Workman’s Compensation) started their cooperation, we decided, in 2007, to initiate an Intermediate Care Station (abbreviated IMC).

As indicated by the term “intermediate”, this unit offers a type of care that is inbetween a regular unit and an intensive care unit.

The merger of areas treating patients requiring monitoring and/or patients requiring extremely intensive care results in a noticeable stress reduction of both units.

On the one hand, patients benefit from more intense care in the intermediate care station than at the regular unit, on the other hand they are treated more cost-effectively than in intensive care.

After almost 1 year of intense planning and preparation, the station offering 9 beds was inaugurated on November 10, 2008. In January 2009 capacity was increased to 12 beds. 

  Leading Physician Intermediate Care (IMC)

Dr. Thomas van Bömmel

Secretariat :
Sophia Grund

  +49 8841 48-3035   +49 8841 48-4782   V-Card Dr. Thomas van Bömmel