Medical Services

The range of services within pediatric orthopedics includes the treatment of all diseases of the child's musculoskeletal system. These are surgically or conservatively treated, including the provision of technical aids, depending on the severity of the disease or deformity.


    • childhood injuries and resulting conditions
    • congenital skeletal malformations and skeletal malformations
    • congenital skeletal system diseases
    • axial malalignments
    • bone and soft tissue infections and tumors (cartilaginous exostosis or osteochondromatosis)
    • hip disorders: hip dysplasia, Perthes disease, Epiphysiolysis of the femoral head, Proximal femoral focal deficiency (PFFD)
    • foot deformities such as clubfoot or congenital vertical talus of (vertical talus)
    • congenital metabolic disorders
    • neuromuscular diseases
    • muscular dystrophies
    • child Rheumatic diseases
    • spinal deformities

 Surgical Range

    • axis correction and extensions
    • correction of congenital and acquired misalignments
    • special hand and foot surgery
    • childhood tumor surgical interventions including limb-sparing procedures, reconstruction and prosthetics
    • osteotomies with and without soft tissue surgery
    • tendon lengthening and reconstructive procedures
    • arthroscopic diagnostic and therapeutic procedures of all major joints
    • cartilage and bone transplants
    • repositioning, reconfiguration operations and pelvic reconstructions for hip dysplasia
    • correction of all foot deformities

 Conservative Range

    • postural defect therapy
    • treatment of joint contractures
    • treatment of hip dysplasia
    • redression of foot deformities
    • neurogenic gait disorder therapy
    • gait training and exercise training after prosthetic restoration

 Technical Orthopaedics

    • foot and hand joint orthotics and prosthetics
    • limb replacement prostheses including myo-electric prosthesis
    • provision of wheelchairs and therapeutic appliances
    • corset and insole provision