Plastic Surgery

The department of plastic- hand- and reconstructive microsurgery has developed a special interest in the complete reconstruction of tissue defects anywhere in the body, owing to the demand for such procedures in a large trauma center and following tumour surgery.

Further strong points are all primary and secondary operative procedures after injuries of the hand and the head, general hand surgery and surgery of the peripheral nerves.Of course, all other areas of plastic surgery are covered as well, including the treatment of congenital deformities, breast surgery, body contouring etc. Microsurgical procedures have been integrated as routine operations since 1990.

With almost 100 individual tissue transfers per year and about 80 micro-surgical procedures for primary hand injuries, this department represents the largest facility for medical care of primary hand injuries in Southern Germany.

Unique and typical for a workman’s compensation facility is the particular integration of reconstructive surgery and specialized hand therapy.

  Leading Physician Plastic- and Reconstructive Microsurgery

Dr. Markus Öhlbauer

Secretariat :
Alexandra Stark

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