Medical Services

Acute phase

  • Surgical treatment of spinal injuries with fresh, unstable and possible secondary injuries
  • Acute treatment either in the ICU or normal ward depending on the level of the paralysis and secondary injuries, artificial respiration machines are also available on the normal ward and hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBO) is also possible
  • Specialized activating care according to the individual needs of the patient
  • Diagnosis and treatment of neurogenic bladder dysfunction


  • Physical, occupational and sports therapy with specialised therapists
  • Provision of therapeutic appliances and support from the social services with regard to the additional home care, including any necessary conversion measures
  • Psychological care
  • Driver training in a specially converted car in cooperation with a local driving school
  • Medical management for sexual disorders with counseling and therapy when trying to conceive

Long-term care

  • Lifetime after-care for the prevention and early detection of handicap specific complications
  • Lifetime aftercare for patients with severe bladder dysfunction
  • Regular control examinations at surgical, orthopedic, urological and, in part, neurological fields
  • Modern conservative and surgical treatment facilities for secondary complications such as pressure ulcers, right up to defect coverage with microvascular connection
  • Sports activities for former patients such as wheelchair basketball, wheelchair rugby or strength training

  Director of department

Dr. Doris Maier

Secretariat :
Renate Schuster

  +49 8841 48-2510   +49 8841 48-2115   V-Card Dr. Doris Maier