Medical Services

Types of Treatment

  • bone (marrow) inflammation (osteomyelitis / osteitis)
  • soft tissue defects
  • prosthetic infections
  • joint infections
  • correction of posttraumatic axial deviations and joint misalignments

Treatment Methods

  • Operational restoration of infections through removal of all infected tissue or bone (debridement)
  • Reconstruction of bone defects by extending the bone (callus) via a ring fixator or intramedullary nail extension
  • Interdisciplinary treatment with vascular investigation including involving expert colleagues from the fields of microbiology, internal medicine, radiology, psychology and dermatology
  • Calculated antibiotic therapy with AB-Stewardship

The care of patients with multi-resistent bacteria in the isolation ward also falls within the range the septic surgery.


  Director of department

Dr. Matthias Militz

Secretariat :
Andrea Bloeß

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