Cardiovascular and circulatory diseases

The diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases is central to our work. Since many patients come to us as an emergency with sudden onset of cardiac or cerebral circulation disorders, we provide around-the-clock specialist and technical facilities for urgent help. The heart catheter lab opened in the clinic in 1998 and paved the way for the development of the cardiological centre in the Southwest of upper Bavaria. Meanwhile up to 1800 patients undergo an examination of the heart every year via miniature catheter, about half of whom are treated with balloon dilatation, the insertion of an internal vascular support (so called stents), via electric stimulation or the implantation of complex pacemaker systems.

A cardiac infarction – the sudden occlusion of a coronary artery – requires instant treatment. The sooner the closed vessel can transport blood again, the smaller the infarction, and all studies performed during the past years have shown that this is most effectively done by an experienced cardiologist in a heart catheter lab.

Patients with cardiovascular diseases require careful monitoring before and after they undergo cardiac catheterization. For this reason we have set up a surveillance and preparation unit (preclinical admission area), where patients transferred to us by the family doctor or other clinics are prepared for the examination of the heart. Apart from a section for conventional high-tech intensive care, we will open a special stroke-unit.

The cardiological department is equipped to the most modern standards inside and outside of the catheter lab and offers all essential diagnostic procedures. Apart from the classical ECG , mainly ultrasound devices with the possibility to measure the blood flow are used for the diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases.

  Provisional Head Physician Cardiology

Dr. Markus Adelt

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Secretariat :
Kathrin Ernst, Karin Schilling

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