Oncology and Haematology

Haematological diseases and cancer

The number of malignant tumours is constantly increasing. Already, one in three persons will fall ill with cancer during their lifetime. At the same time, our knowledge of the causes and the possibilities for treatment of malignant diseases is growing continually.

The department of haematology specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of benign and malignant blood diseases. For example, the causes of anaemia or coagulation disorders are examined, and the different forms of cancer of the blood and the lymph nodes (leukaemia resp. lymphoma) are treated. The oncological department specialises in the diagnosis and medical treatment of so called solid tumours, i.e. cancer of the internal organs.

All modern therapy measures, such as chemotherapy, immunotherapy, antibody therapy, bisphosphonate therapy, preparation for high dosage chemotherapy or bone marrow transplantation are available. Each kind of tumour is treated according to individual therapy protocols in accordance with international standards. Moreover, the participation in numerous therapy optimisation studies guarantees a continuous quality control and enables an early, but controlled access to new treatment forms. At times it is necessary to combine the medicamentous therapy with an operation or radiation to achieve the best results possible. This is done in close cooperation with other medical departments, for example in the weekly tumour conferences and the joint work in the oncological centre.

Another essential aspect of our daily work is the supportive therapy that addresses treatment of the symptoms, such as pain due to cancer or nutritional disorders.

In close cooperation with family doctors and specialists, we make sure that the patient receives optimal care, even during outpatient therapy.

Senior physician Dr. H. Lambertz is authorized by the Bavarian State Board of Physicians to carry out further training in the special field of haematology and internal oncology, which means that he is entitled to train future cancer specialists.

  Chief Physician Oncology

Dr. Helmut Lambertz

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