Psychological Services

Our psychological services follow our philosophy of patient care and are orientated to the integral philosophy of the Workman’s Compensation Trauma Clinic, Murnau.

We ensure quick and comprehensive psychological and psychotherapeutic services of psychiatric traumatized injured patients and patients with psychiatric, psychosomatic or psychosocial disorders which inhibit the process of healing and/or coping with their injury.

We offer professional help, taking into consideration the particularities of our clinic’s care methods, when the process of healing is overlapped by psychiatric factors. We support the reintegration of patients into daily and work life, who have psychiatric or behavioral symptoms as a result of, or related to a serious trauma which occurred at work or a psychiatric or physiological disease caused by their profession.

Symptoms of psychic overlapping could be: 

depressions, panic and anxiety disorders, sleeping disorders, nightmares, parenthesis, huge requirements of sleeping pills or painkillers, dizziness, frequent state of exhaustion, headache, concentration disorders, vegetative hyper-arousal etc.

In order to protect patients from long term chronification resistant to treatment or change of personality, psychiatric problems are treated as early as possible and in interdisciplinary cooperation with physicians, physiotherapists and ergo therapists, and the clinic’s nursing staff.

  Head of Department

Dipl. Psych. Ludwig Linsl

Secretariat :
Monika Sandig/ Beate Schleuder

  +49 8841 48-4968   +49 8841 48-4969   V-Card Dipl. Psych. Ludwig Linsl