Assistance from the Air

Fast rescue, gentle transportation

A helicopter has been permanently stationed at the Trauma Center in Murnau since October 1994. Since then almost 13,000 rescue operations have been flown and more than 13,500 patients have been assisted from the air.

On August 1, 1999 ADAC Air Rescue Inc. took over the station under commission of the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior. The emergency intensive care transport helicopter is equipped with a pilot, a winch operator (who is also a rescue assistant), intensive care specialist and a paramedic. Since all winch operators of the unit are also rescue assistants, they are also involved in the medical care as an addition to the physician and intensive care registered nurse/paramedic.

 Station Data Christoph Murnau

The highlands have a rescue helicoter

Oct. 20 1994
HSM firm (Heliservice, Egalsbach) started a 24 hour flight service with a Bell 222 at the Trauma Center in Murnau from a temporary tent hangar, Identification: Rescue Frankfurt 89/1, later: Rescue Murnau 89/1 Nov.

In cooperation with ADAC, a BK 117 is put to use through HSM as a rescue and emergency helicopter. Identification: ITH-Murnau

July 1999
ADAC takes over the commission to operate the rescue unit as the "Rescue and Emergency Helicopter Murnau". However, a new legal public contract at that time only allowed flights during daytime hours (7:00 a.m. – sunset).

Aug. 1999
The ITH-Murnau receives a winch.

Sept. 2000
First Rescue Service Symposium in Murnau for the capabilities of the helicopter

Dec. 2000
Move into the new hangar

Nov. 2001
Opening celebrations of the hangar

May 2002
Official Identification change, new identification: Christoph Murnau

Nov. 2002
Second Rescue Service Symposium in Murnau (connection to the Helicopter-Rescue Hotline)

Oct. 2004
Celebration of the hangar's 10th anniversary

This year the crew flew an unusually high number of mountain rescue missions which included the 100th winching operation on 12th October

15 years intensive care helicopter at the Murnau Trauma Clinic. ADAC has operated the helicopter station for 10 years. 1000 winching operations

2014 März

Introduction of the EC 145 T2 with winch

 Technical data
BK 117 D-2  -  H145 (D-HEMS)
Manufacturer:Airbus helicopter
Engines: 2 TurboMeca ARRIEL E2
Power: 2x 667 KW (2x 907 PS)
Cruising Speed: 230 km/h
Max. Speed:270 km/h
Range: 690 km
Maximum Flight Duration:3h
Maximum Take-off Weight: 3650 kg
Tare Weight: 2285 kg
Application Limits:Day and Visual flight by night
Radio Call Sign:"Christoph Murnau"

  Leading Helicopter-Physician

Dr. Thomas van Bömmel

  +49 8841 48-2626   +49 8841 48-2083