Winch rescue operation

Flexibility and speed

The area of operation in the mountains stretches from the Allgäu area over to the Chiemgau Alps, however, most emergency calls take place in the regions of Lenggries, Mittenwald, Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Füssen. Rescue operations in the mountains represent the most challenging emergency flights for the entire crew.

The crew members have to be able to rely on each other 100 %; and each individual takes his/her part in conducting a successful operation.

The winch operator (board technician) is not only responsible for operating the winch and lowering the medical crew and mountain rescue patrol in a soft and safe manner on the right spot, but he/she also directs the pilot who cannot see the location of the accident.

The helicopter is flown by the pilot above the site entirely according to the instructions given by the winch operator.

The medical crew has to know every detailed step of the winch operation since communication is - during some phases of the operation - impossible due to noise. Even during possible radio failure, the entire helicopter team has to be able to perform the operation smoothly and precisely.

The team trains for the difficult and demanding situations of rescuing injured persons from the face of the mountains at the climbing wall of the Murnau helicopter hangar. Further, physicians and rescue assistants regularly visit mountain rescue training courses at the Allgäu Mountain Rescue Service.

The considerable flexibility and speed of the winch has demonstrated its advantages not only in the mountains but also for difficult rescue operations in the plains and lowlands.