Trauma Surgery Emergency Department

Trauma Surgery works interdisciplinarily together with 18 specialist departments in the emergency department of the BGU Murnau. Accidents treated can have happened at work and in free time, in school or at home.

Serious injuries, which are brought in to the emergency department by helicopter or ambulance, are treated in the emergency room by a team of at least 5 doctors and additional specialist emergency nurses.

The spacious shock room has been designed according to ATLS standard, a globally established shock room management standard. Computer and magnetic resonance tomography facilities are in the immediately vicinity of the shock room, so that the transport routes of injured patients can be kept short.

 Shock Room Team

In the shock room, the primary treatment is carried out by the so-called shock room team, which consists usually of the following specialist personnel:

  • 1 physician or advanced training assistant in orthopedics and trauma surgery
  • 1 advanced orthopaedics and traumatology training assistant in additional advanced training for special trauma surgery or further training assistant in visceral or general surgery
  • 1 anaesthesiologist or advanced training assistant (FA-Standard)
  • 1 radiologist or advanced training assistant (FA-Standard)
  • 2 surgery nurses
  • 1 anesthesiology nurse
  • 1 medical-technical radiology specialist (radiographer)
  • transport personnel
  • extended shock room team (presence within 20-30 min)



Extended Shock Room Team (presence within 20-30 min)

    • Specialist in orthopedics and trauma surgery with additional advanced training qualifications in special trauma surgery or specialist for trauma surgery (specialist physician)
    • Specialist for visceral and general surgery (specialist physician)
    • anaesthesiologist (specialist physician)
    • Neurosurgeon (specialist physician)
    • Radiologist (specialist physician) with knowledge of interventional radiology
    • Specialist in vascular surgery
    • Specialist in cardiothoracic surgery
    • Specialist in oral and maxillofacial surgery
    • ENT specialist
    • Ophthalmologist
    • Consultant Urologist
    • 2 surgical nurses
    • other call services for the simultaneous supply of several severely injured

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