Vocational School of Nursing

The BGU Murnau Vocational School of Nursing

Training information

The basis of the training is the Nursing Act and the Training and Examination Regulations for the nursing professions. The goal is the development of professional and vocational abilities which demonstrate technical, methodological, social and personal competence.

Start of training:

1st October each year.

Training process and content

After 3 years the training concludes with the state exam, which includes a written, a practical and an oral part. The professional designation is: staatlich geprüfte/ geprüfter Gesundheits- und Krankenpflegerin/Gesundheits- und Krankenpfleger (State Registered Nurse).

Successful completion of the test opens up versatile career opportunities through further training and studies.

Training is divided into at least 2,100 hours of theoretical and practical classes and at least 2500 hours of practical experience. Block teaching phases and practical experience phases alternate according to a predetermined plan. Performance records are collected for both theory and practice.

 Theoretical training

The theoretical training takes place at the training center for nursing professions / BGU Murnau Vocational School of Nursing. The content of the curriculum, which is structured on fields of study are mediated in theoretical and practical instruction.

Theoretical and specialist practical instruction

 1.school year

 2.school year 

 3.school year 


 1. Foundations of nursing





 2. Health care, nursing care and paediatric care





 3. Professional studies





 4. Law and administration





 5. German and Communication





 6. Social studies





 Sum of theoretical and specialist practical instruction





 Practical training

The practical training takes place in the context of practical assignments within the BGU Murnau and within affiliated clinical and nursing facilities. The trainees are educationally supported and guided in practice by the teachers of the vocational school, by practice supervisors and by caregivers on the wards.

Practical training - I. General Area

 Inpatient health and medical care of people of all age groups

800 h 

In curative areas in the subjects: Internal medicine, geriatrics, neurology, surgery, gynaecology, paediatrics, care of week old and newborn babies

In rehabilitative and palliative areas: in at least two of the above-mentioned disciplines

Health and medical care of people of all ages in outpatient care in preventative, curative, rehabilitative and palliative areas

 500 h

 Practical training - II. Specialist area - health and nursing

Inpatient nursing care in subjects: internal medicine, surgery, psychiatry

 700 h

 To be distributed between areas I. and II.

 500 h

Total practical training

 2500 h

Timetable according to. BFSO nursing v. May 19, 1988 last amended July 8, 2011

 Further information

Trial period:

The first 6 months of training are considered as a trial period.

Training allowance:

The training allowance is governed by the applicable tariff regulations. In addition, supplements are granted for working unsociable hours.

Accommodation and meals:

There are a limited number of rooms available for the accommodation of students (Rental price on request). Students can take advantage of low-cost meals in the BGU Murnau cafeteria.

Work clothes:

Overalls (except occupational footwear) will be provided free of charge and cleaned at the clinic.


Requirements for candidates:

  • An intermediate school certificate or equivalent
  • Qualified completion of secondary school and a vocational qualification
  • Qualified completion of secondary school and have completed at least one year of nursing assistants training.
  • Suitable level of health and fitness
  • Reliability, team spirit, openness

        Please submit the following documents with your application:

        • Job application / covering letter
        • Tabular CV
        • Latest school report
        • Testimonials of previous training
        • Employment references (if available)
        • Internship certificate (if one has been completed)
        • Birth certificate
        • Medical certificate (original)
        • Criminal record certificate

                      Please ensure:

                      • that he police certificate and the medical certificate are not older than three months, and
                      • early application and the completeness of your documents, as the selection of candidates begins in October for the start of training the following year!

                      Please send your application documents to:

                      Berufsgenossenschaftliche Unfallklinik Murnau
                      Berufsfachschule für Krankenpflege
                      Prof. Küntscher Str. 8
                      82418 Murnau am Staffelsee


                      We look forward to hearing from you!