For a business such as our clinic, with a turnover of over 170 million € /year, in these hard economical times and the new health reform plans, a slim, streamlined administration is required.

This is essential in order to provide the services needed for the ca. 40,000 out-patients and in-patients, as well as the 2,100 employees who have the best communication and technical standards available. Through the centralized administration, processing and transfer of data (also photos), many old channels of communication are obsolete and most importantly, processes are accelerated. The tasks for the smooth running of the clinical services with such high-tech components whilst, of course, guaranteeing the health of the patients, are handled by the departments listed.

  Business Director

Christian Schroth

Secretariat :
Katja Burkart

  +49 8841 48-2631   +49 8841 48-2219