Department of finance and accounting

Department of finance and accounting

The department is responsible mainly for the processing of: 

  • yearly and monthly financial closings 
  • economic planning 
  • service and cost prognosis 
  • statistics and trends


The department consists of the following sub-areas:

Business accounting

With the utilization of the standard software SAP R/3, all payments within the clinic are processed. Among these is also the material accounting with the associated debtor, creditor and facility accounting.


Main goals:

  • balance sheets 
  • credit/debit comparison 
  • cost-unit accounting 
  • diverse statistics for the clinic management

        Head of Department

      Beate Wohner

        +49 8841 48-2545   +49 8841 48-451110

        Business Accounting

      Gabriele Bauer

        +49 8841 48–2216


      Gerhard Sanktjohanser

        +49 8841 48–2649