Clinical support department

Facility Support

The clinical support department provides patients and staff with laundry services, janitorial services, material procurement, maintenance of medical/technical devices, etc. In order to run these services, we have a staff of over 200 qualified employees. 

The non-medical services are categorized as the following:

 General procurement office

The General Procurement department has (with the exception of medicines) the task of ensuring that optimal supply of patients and employees with all the necessary goods at the right time, in the right quantity and the right quality.

These include (incl. Implants) besides the medical supplies, the housekeeping supplies (eg detergents), administrative goods and assets such as med. technical equipment or furniture.

The General Purchasing department uses the ERP software SAP R / 3 - MM, through which the entire procurement process is mapped. This ranges from the bid solicitation and the price comparison through ordering to the booking of the incoming goods and invoice processing

 Media- and conference technology

The media and conference technology department is responsible for the auditorium, event technology, photography and archiving as well as the internet presence.

The event technology section serves about 850 internal and external events throughout the year.

It has all current popular media technology available. Their responsibility includes providing film and sound for events, presentation technology and setting up live broadcasts from the operating theater to the auditorium.

Our activities include the creation of audio / video projects incl. Video editing and presentations of various kinds.

The photography department is responsible for the operating room, ward and studio photography. This includes, amongst other things, pre- and postoperative images, healing process and wound documentation as functional images, object photography, construction documentation and event photography, as well as the creation of training and Internet design material.

The media and conference technology department is also responsible for the website of the clinic. It is important to always be on the cutting edge of development, eg in the field of accessibility, Internet law, web trends etc.

Our homepage is available in four languages, German, English, Russian and Arabic. All of these pages must be created and maintained, and so constant updating is required.

 Kitchen and bakery

Meals for both patients and employees are prepared in the kitchen and the bakery .

 Medical technology

In the clinic, there are over 7500 medical devices that need to be serviced.

 Janitorial services
  • valet service
  • transportation
  • logistics
  • bed center
  • laundry services
  • patient service
 Central warehouse

The central warehouse is the central receiving point for all areas of the BG Unfallklinik Murnau.

  Head of Department

Kai Kullick-Dierssen

  +49 8841 48-2513   +49 8841 48-2300


Martina Schöfer

  +49 8841 48-2535   +49 8841 48-2300