Medical Wards

Medical Wards

The BGU Murnau offers highly skilled nursing care to patients in all sectors, based on the medical requirements and care needs of each individual person concerned. There are 16 normal wards providing inpatient care at the BGU Murnau. Nursing services in the wards are organised on the basis of zone nursing. Further development towards reference-oriented nursing organization is one of the central objectives in order to intensify the relationship between patient and nurse.

Through regular consultations at the bedside, patients are actively involved in the nursing planning. Regular discussions within the therapeutic team also take place in specific sectors.

In the contemporary equipped wards come modern nursing aids are used to achieve the best possible results. In addition, these aids support a body gentle, back-friendly work.

Our wards are equipped with the most up to date nursing aids which support practices which are gentle on the body and spine, in order to achieve the best results.

  Head of Department

Peter Schersach

Secretariat :
Marlies Simson

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