Surgical department

Surgical department

The surgical department of BGU Murnau offers a total of 13 operating rooms, where each year more than 10,000 patients are surgically treated.

The Surgical Department nursing service currently has 50 employees with various qualifications. Specialist surgical nurses for the surgery service, clinical nurses, junior nurses, operational technical assistants and medical assistants responsible for preparation and review of operations as well as for storage and instrumentation during surgical procedures. Nursing Assistants work in the areas of materials management and documentation. In addition, the Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD), which has 14 staff, is affiliated to the surgical department.

Fixed times for in-house training ensure that employees are up to date on current operational procedures and are trained in the use of the high-quality, complex technical equipment.

Through the cooperative, friendly and respectful approach and good cooperation within and between the individual professional groups, a more efficient surgical procedure is guaranteed.

  Head of Department

Florian Klein