Spinal cord and spinal injuries

Spinal cord and spinal injuries

The department for patients with spine and spinal cord injuries has 3 wards with a total of 82 beds. Ward 63 has, integrated as a special feature, a ventilation unit with 6 beds. In addition, the Department for Neuro Urology with 12 beds also belongs to the spine and spinal cord injuries department.

Injuries to the spinal cord are the most serious and most consequential injuries, especially in the thoracic and lumbar areas with paralysis of the legs and even more so in the cervical spinal cord with further paralysis of the arms and possibly breathing. The resulting required care is only feasible with specialist personnel and state of the art equipment and organization.

The nursing team places the patient at the center of nursing activities. It actively and intensively involves him according to his paralysis with:

A patient specific nurse, together with the patient, plans the treatment goals to be attained and the necessary time period. A handbook has been developed which supports the nurse and provides the patient with the necessary information. The aim is to make the paraplegic patient an expert in his own disability and to let him achieve the greatest measure of independence.

  Head of Department

Mirko Zinßmeister

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