The task of the Workmen’s Compensation Trauma Clinic Murnau, Germany, consists of restoring patients with trauma injuries to health will all suitable means. This task forms the basis for our patient care program.

  • Our principles expresses the common values and goals of the nursing staff working for the Workmen’s Compensation Trauma Clinic Murnau. It is intended to promote further developments of our occupational actions, as well as to provide space for visions and point out paths for the future.
  • The principles are binding for us.
  • The uniqueness and dignity of each individual person constitute, for us, the measure of all our actions.
  • Our treatment of patients is guided by respect and professionalism to ensure the best possible treatment success and the satisfaction of our patients. They form the basis for a trustful partnership.
  • Each employee of the nursing services has his or her share in the overall performance and the resulting quality at our clinic.
  • Therefore, our employees are extremely important to us. Our management philosophy is directed to supporting competency and satisfaction in our employees.
  • We, the nursing staff, consider ourselves as equal partners in a therapeutic team.

Your satisfaction is for us, the nursing staff of the Workmen’s Compensation Trauma Clinic Murnau, Germany, the most important goal of our job.

  • We respect your dignity and your right to self-determination.
  • Therefore, we tailor our nursing services to your individual needs by accompanying and supporting you during your stay at the clinic and in situations threatening your existence.
  • We will point out ways to you and will actively include you in how to best possibly regain and maintain your independence.
  • With our highly educated experts, we are dedicated to providing you with safety and comfort.
  • We put high emphasis on the ability to be sensitive to your current physical, psychological and social situation.
  • If you wish, we will actively include your next of kin in the process of your recovery.
  • We will offer you and your family information, counselling and training in order to prepare you for leaving the clinic.

Our motivated, responsible, and committed employees are dedicated to providing you with the best care possible.


We constructively cooperate with all participants of the team involved in the treatment. We consider patient care as teamwork, and therefore actively contribute to its support.

  • We support the integration of new employees and students, through measures such as working with dedicated mentors.
  • We are responsible for creating the care process of our patients by ourselves by means of planning, realization and evaluation.
  • Our input into our teamwork is our knowledge, our experience and our abilities.
  • We are supported by standards of care, guidelines and job descriptions.
  • We expand our expertise by regular and planned further education and training.
  • We are communicative and cooperative, we can manage conflicts, and we also expect these properties in others.
  • We are critical with regard to our own behavior and thinking.
  • We watch out for our own well-being as basis for our social competency, and therefore we deal economically with our own energies.
  • We are motivated, we motivate others, and we are open to innovations.
  • We employ operational means in a correct and proper way. Their utilisation is characterized by cost-responsible and environmentally friendly actions.

The employees of the clinic fulfill their tasks in compliance with the management of objectives set by the clinic; they are supported in their work by committed, exemplary and competent executives.


We orientate ourselves to a cooperative management style, and we act according to the situation. We give the individual employee the chance to responsibly create and design his/her own job within the frame of his/her abilities.

  • Our employee leadership style is characterized by confidence, transparency, personal esteem, fairness, and respect.
  • We provide clear and comprehensive information, and set ourselves objectives.
  • We include our employees into decision processes.
  • We support our employees by means of structured employee performance reviews.
  • We are conscious of our exemplary function, are motivated, provide constructive feedback, and are able to handle criticism properly.
  • We are interested in innovations and further developments, are open towards them and will support them.
  • We offer our employees the opportunity to receive further education and training, and we promote their personal and job-related further development.
  • We try to create a beneficial balance between clinic requirements and our employees’ wishes with different working hour models and flexible design of duty plans.
  • We provide modern and practical operational means and are thereby supporting the health of our employees.
  • We pay attention to the satisfaction and well-being of our employees.
  • We promote and support a positive clinic culture.

An optimized quality of patient care depends on optimal leadership/management. The satisfaction of employees and patients contribute to the high reputation of the clinic.

 Public affairs

We present patient care to the public.

  • We give lectures, publish dissertations and press reviews.
  • We are active in expert societies.
  • We train specialized nursing personnel.
  • We foster good relations with cooperation partners.
  • We provide insight into our occupational outline by receiving and attending groups of visitors, schools and kindergartens.
  • We are friendly and attentive towards visitors at our clinic.

This has a positive influence on the image of healthcare and nursing professions.