BG Rehabilitation

BG Rehabilitation

The department for Workman’s Compensation Rehabilitation of the Murnau Workman’s Compensation Trauma Clinic represents a center of competence for highly demanding, complex rehabilitation of traumatized patients with a comprehensive range of therapy services, e.g. Workman’s Compensation in-patient further treatment (BGSW), complex in-patient rehabilitation (KSR), multimodal pain therapy, medical job orientated rehabilitation.

The close cooperation of the most diverse medical specialists guarantees optimal treatment for the patient and at the same time successful reintegration into family, work and social environment.

We may use the trauma center’s infrastructure including all diagnostic and acute medical facilities at any time, also e.g. in the case of unexpected complications or for checking indications for surgery.

Joint consultation with medical specialist colleagues of the acute medical department allows us to take prompt decisions if required. Therapists and nursing personnel of the workman’s compensation rehabilitation department work at a highly competent level and with enormous commitment.

They possess specialized knowledge and skills concerning injuries or surgeries to arms and legs, amputations as well as severe injuries to the spinal column; this is of great benefit to the patient in rehabilitation.

  Leading Physician

Dr. Stefan Simmel

Secretariat :
Gabriele Zankl

  +49 8841 48-2250   +49 8841 48-2963   V-Card Dr. Stefan Simmel