Due to the close cooperation with the center for spinal cord injuries our main focus lies on neurourology which refers above all to diagnostics and therapy of neurogenic bladder dysfunctions. 

Precise diagnostic methods at the highest technical level combined with our comprehensive experience allow an exact analysis of bladder dysfunctions and an individualized strategy for therapy for each patient, be it by means of medication or surgery. The urology department of our clinic performs more than 2000 examinations of malfunctioning bladders every year using two parallel operable measuring units for video urodynamic diagnostics. This fact alone underlines our worldwide expertise in this specialized field.

New pioneering therapies were also developed in Murnau such as the metered sphincterotomy, laser sphincterotomy and in particular botulinum toxin A treatment of the hyperactive urinary bladder.

 Team Neurourologie
Dr. Andreas Wolff

Leitender Oberarzt
Dr. Ryan Esser

Dr. Ulrike Steude

Dr. Thomas Berger

Dr. Christina Peters