Occupational Therapy

Employment-related Ergotherapy

Employment-related ergotherapy is a qualified instrument for clarifying and possibly individually promoting occupational abilities of a traumatized person insured by the workman’s compensation association.

Employment-related ergotherapy examines the clients’ individual occupational capabilities and capacities, and meets the needs of every individual through a customized rehabilitation plan.

The therapy program includes training of specific functions starting with simulation of specific occupational activities also employing an occupational simulation device (BTE) up to practical applications in functional areas of our clinic (e.g. locksmith's shop, electronic area, central warehouse etc.).

Employment-related ergotherapy starts after termination of acute care and once the patient has reached a stable condition so that he/she can cope with therapy, or before the injured person is taking up work when successful return to work is questionable, or in some cases if occupational reintegration did not succeed.

 Spectrum of Employment-related ergotherapy
  • Working out and automating ergonomic working methods
  • Training specific occupational skills in real-life working context
  • Checking out limits of capabilities
  • Counselling and testing of auxiliary equipment and supplementary devices
  • Training of ergonomic issues
 Target group for employment-related ergotherapy
  • Persons insured by the workman’s compensation association suffering complications in the therapy process and requiring preparation or preliminary stepwise occupational reintegration
  • Patients suffering severe trauma consequences which make occupational reintegration questionable
  • Patients who cannot return to their existing occupation due to severe trauma thus requiring close examination of their remaining occupational skills
  • Patients with questionable self-evaluation (consistency check)

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