Physiotherapy / Sport therapy


Healing and helping with all suitable means for optimizing the chances of healing is the basic principle of the workmen`s compensation association consistently implemented in the physiotherapy unit. The units task consists of ensuring the optimal supply of physiotherapy to patients, being part of the treatment typical for our clinic. All physiotherapists closely cooperate with the medical staff, the nursing team and the unit for occupational therapy and physical therapy.

In order to guarantee an optimal treatment within the framework of physiotherapy, the unit is divided into three special fields:

  • Trauma surgery / orthopaedics
  • Neurology / neurosurgery
  • Spinal column and spinal cord injuries

In all three areas, patients will receive physiotherapy from the first day on, also at the corresponding intensive care wards. This complies with the demand for a functional treatment at an early stage. It basically contributes to an overall successful medical rehabilitation and the prevention or reduction of late effects. The physiotherapists employed in the individual areas are specialized in their specific fields; they receive regular training for their specific tasks.

 Physiotherapy Spectrum

Treatment technologies

  • manual therapy according to Kaltenborn / Evjenth, Maitland, Mulligan and Cyriax
  • proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation
  • functional kinematics
  • Vojta and electrotherapy
  • Bobath
  • Medical training

           Further services

          • perception training
          • wheelchair User Training
          • assistive devices
          • respiratory therapy
          • water therapy
          • electrotherapy
          • thermotherapy
          • use of CPM rails
          • isokinetics
          • gait training, also with treadmills
          • relaxation therapy
          • therapeutic climbing
          •  sling table physiotherapy
          • group therapy and sports therapy
                                   Sport therapy

                                  Sport therapy means motional therapeutic exercise with suitable types of sports with the target to compensate and regenerate disturbed physical, psychic and social functions, in order to prevent secondary damage and to promote health-orientated behavior. Sport therapy is based on biological principles and includes, above all, elements of educational, psychological and sociotherapeutic methods. Its goal is to achieve an over-extended health profile (generally applicable definition according to the German Association for health sports and sport therapy Deutscher Verband für Gesundheitssport und Sporttherapie DVGS e.V.).

                                   Group Trerapy

                                  Group treatments and medical training therapy complement individual treatments.

                                  The group treatments take place in the sports hall, in the group room, in the swimming pool or in the outdoor area and are very well frequented by patients as a supplement to the therapeutic spectrum.

                                  In the field of neurology and neurosurgery, physiotherapists offer the following group treatments:

                                  • Balance groups
                                  • Table tennis groups
                                  • Small groups in the swimming pool
                                  • Information groups for back-friendly everyday behavior

                                      In the field of Traumatology-Orthopedics and Rehabilitation, the following services are available:

                                      • Group treatment for injuries of the upper limbs
                                      • Group treatment of injuries of lower limbs
                                      • Group treatments for injuries of the spine
                                      • Aquajogging
                                      • Nordic Walking
                                      • Cycling groups
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